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Testing in 2020, according to my Twitter bookmarks

It goes without saying that 2020 was a weird year for everybody. I wasn’t nearly as active on Twitter as I was last year, but thought I would try this again anyway. Just a few highlights from the testing twittersphere, based on what I thought to bookmark throughout the year. In no particular order, first… Read more

Three notes on Value Streams

These are some scattered notes from a DevOps Toronto meetup earlier this year. These are highlights from a presentation by Steve Pereira on value stream mapping. I’ve been finding making value streams explicit, whether formal or not, a key part of my role evolving from testing to DevOps more generally. One of the basic strategic… Read more

Jenkins: Check whether a DSL method exists

Occasionally when working with Jenkinsfiles, you’ll run into a NoSuchMethodError because of calling a function that Jenkins’s doesn’t know about: There are number of reasons that this can happen, such as a required plugin not being installed, or the shared library that defines the function isn’t loaded. Lately I have been working a lot with… Read more

Agile Testing book club: Do your tests have purpose?

This is the fourth part in my series highlighting some of the lessons I’m taking from reading Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory. Other entries in the series can be found here. Chapter 6 is largely dedicated to an overview of the “Agile Testing Quadrants”, as a way of exploring the different roles that different… Read more

Regression and Functional tests are meaningless

I have a major pet peeve with any test strategy that includes something called “regression tests”. I recently saw someone ask, “Do we need to run regression tests on a project where the CI/CD pipeline runs all tests on any git commit?” On a different project, someone asked, “Now that we run this new test… Read more