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Three ways to make metrics suck less

Everybody loves to hate metrics. I get it. There are a lot of terrible metrics out there in the software development and testing world. People still propose counting commits or test cases as a measure of productivity. It’s garbage. But I also believe that measuring something can be a useful way to understand aspects of… Read more

What should the ratio of automated to exploratory testing be?

I popped into an online panel about testing today, and a question along these lines was asked: what is the ratio between automated testing and exploratory testing at your company? I get the gist of what is being asked here of course, and wouldn’t get too pedantic in answering it in the moment, but this… Read more

Throttling Jenkins pipelines per node

It turns out that throttling pipeline jobs on Jenkins is broken. At least, it is not possible to limit the number of pipeline jobs that run per node with the throttling plugin, even though that feature does exist for freestyle jobs. Instead, we can set up a work around using the lockable resources plugin. First,… Read more

Making Chromedriver and Chrome versions match in a Docker image

I keep running into this problem where UI test tools need a Chrome browser installed, but come packaged in npm with an outdated chromedriver dependency. Keeping the two in sync in any environment where these test tools run is a must, and I’ve long since given up on trying to do this manually on any… Read more

Why are developers against testability?

A number of times in my career, I’ve come across developers who were determined that application code should never be changed just to facilitate testing. Even when everybody recognizes that flakey tests are a problem, somehow adding testability features to the app itself to fix that flakiness is beyond the pale. It is a belief… Read more