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UX clichés are also testing clichés

If enough people work in a discipline for long enough, eventually they’re going to start noticing patterns and poking fun at their own clichés. Testing has our fair share: “works on my machine” comes to mind. Someone in the UX group at work recently shared a list of user research and design clichés. Some highlights included:

  • You are not your user
  • Designers should have a seat at the table
  • UX should be a mindset, not a step in the process
  • Should designers code?

If you swap “designers” with “testers” and “UX” with “QA”, those should sound pretty familiar to anybody who’s been in the testing world for any reasonable length of time.

It’s become more and more clear to me over the last year that the overlap in the Venn diagram of UX and testing is pretty significant. This is just one more piece of evidence.

Check out the full list of UX cliches here and see what other parallels stand out to you.

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