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Tag: John Cutler

Achieve the why by doing the how

With the start of 2019 there’s been a glut of resolutions going by my social media feeds, so it’s been the posts about explicitly not making resolutions that grab my attention. On YouTube, for example, John Green talked about making specific goals instead of resolutions, which made me think about my own resolutions in those… Read more

Demo things that aren’t done

When I saw this tweet from John Cutler about demos: Pssssst… You can demo stuff before the end of the sprint. — John Cutler (@johncutlefish) September 18, 2018 I immediately composed this response, without even thinking about it: Psssst… You can demo things that aren't done. You can demo things that aren't code. You can… Read more

Seven things I learned at CAST

My CAST debrief from last week ended up being mostly about personal reflection, but I also wanted to call out the some of the things I picked up more specific to testing. After going through my notes I picked out what I thought where the important themes or interesting insights. There are many other tidbits,… Read more

CAST 2018 Debrief

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Conference of the Association of Software Testing, CAST 2018. I had been to academic conferences with collaborators before, and a local STAR conference here in Toronto, but this was my first time travelling for a professional conference in testing. The actual experience ended up being quite… Read more